What is a hackathon?

A hackathon, contrary to popular belief, is not an event to break into bank accounts or find Hillary Clinton’s emails. Hackathons are long events where software is created to spark innovation or solve a problem. Specifically, ShamHacks is a 36 hour event where groups of student programmers and innovators will attempt to solve one or more of the 5 problem statements the best according to a panel of judges.

What are the problem statements?

By tradition the exact problem statements are not given out until the start of the competition so hackers cannot gain a head start. However, the general theme of ShamHacks this year is to code and design applications that help U.S. veterans, active duty military, and their dependents with reintegration post-service.

Who can participate?

If you’re a student currently enrolled at a university or college, you may participate! High school students are also allowed to participate with parent and/or guardian approval.

I’m not a student, can I still get involved?

Absolutely! If you are a working professional, professor, graduate student, etc., you can join as a mentor and/or a volunteer. To volunteer/mentor, just fill out our eventbrite under the volunteer tab.

If you would like to be a sponsor, please contact msthackathon@mst.edu.

I’m not a college student, can I still apply?

Our event is open to high school students, however participants under the age 18 do require permission from a parent and/or guardian.

Is there food?

Yes! All meals from dinner on Friday to Lunch on Sunday are provided including snacks and drinks! Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options are available upon request.

What can I win?

We don’t want to give all of our secrets away, but some of the big ticket prizes include a $2,500 shopping trip with the ACM at your favorite tech store, Nintendo Switches, and much, much more!

Where is ShamHacks?

ShamHacks is located in Rolla, Missouri on the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology. Hacking will be done in the Havener Student Center. Meals, workshops, and games will be held in the Curtis Laws Wilson Library.

When is ShamHacks?

Friday, February 9th at 5 pm to Sunday, February 11th at 2 pm.

But I know NOTHING about coding!

One of the greatest things about hackathons is the fact that it is open to ALL levels of coders! Hackers are given 36 hours to work on their projects which means this is a great time to pick up new programming skills. If participants are able to sit down for the whole period of time and just code, they will walk out with a much larger ability to program. In addition, teams need guidance on how things should look, how things should function, and how things should be presented, which a non-programmer can contribute.

How do I find a team?

Don’t have a set team going into the hacking weekend? No worries! We’ve set aside time between registration to the opening ceremony for you to find a team for the weekend.

Who else will be there?

ShamHacks will not only bring college students together from across the region, but also sponsors, S&T departments, and non-profit organizations. What a great time to network!

Where will I sleep?

S&T students are welcome to go back to their dorms for a quick snooze. For non-S&T students, we do have a 24-hour quiet lounge available with some spaces for sleeping. However, hackers are welcome to book their own hotel rooms. We cannot offer travel reimbursements at this time.

Are there breaks?

Yes! Because as much as we LOVE coding, everyone needs a break from time to time. This is why we scheduled various brain breaks such as workshops with the Major League of Hacking, a Super Smash Brothers tournament, and exploring our very own creative space, MakerSpace!

Does ShamHacks offer travel reimbursements?

To ensure that we offer the highest quality hackathon for our students, we do not offer travel reimbursements at this time.

What if I have more questions?

Don’t hesitate to email us msthackathon@mst.edu.


What can I do before the event?

Like us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/MSTShamHacks/

Follow us on Twitter @ https://twitter.com/ShamHacks